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Teach a kid
1. Teach a kid how to love and like themselves for who they are. Self worth, self-esteem, and self respect.

2. Teach a kid they have abundance within themselves. Inner strength, passions, perseverance. Self confidence.

3. Teach a kid about learning and thinking; About being responsible for the consequences of their actions. Mistakes happen, learn from them. Failures happen, gain wisdom from them. Learning never ends.

4. Teach a kid about values, and having visions and goals. Integrity and Character.

5. Teach a kid about how their feelings are right for them at that time. They have the right to feel whatever they want to feel. But also feelings change over time. At the same time, other people have the right to their own feelings. People can not make you feel; you choose what you feel.

6. Teach a kid how to communicate using sentences that starts with "I." And effective communication is both learning the skills to listen and talk.

7. Teach a kid the concept of personal boundary.

8. You can not change people. Only you can change yourself. And you only change yourself, for the sole reason that you want that change for you only.

Wow, these just came from the top of my head. These are the things I wish my parents taught me.


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